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Baby Blue Eyes

Love the light blue color the Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii) have.

The summer has not been the best possible for them even though they are easy to grow. This plant grows best in loose, organically rich, well-drained acidic soil in full sun to part shade.

The garden pollinators also love this flower

flower, gardening


I am usually quite self sufficient when it comes to the Sensation (Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Sensation’) seeds but this spring bought some to ensure that all the color varieties are there.

Cosmos likes the warmth and this summer has been good to them.

Sensation grows and blooms quickly which is good for the short summers we have.

flower, gardening

Covent Garden

Covent Garden (Gypsophila elegans ‘Covent Garden’) bloomed well this year. Dry weather suits it fine and there were no rain to ruin the blooms.

The only challenge with Covent Garden is that the blooming season is quite short.

The flower is popular with the florists and is used in the bouquets. Gypsophila has been cultivated for hundreds of years and is a very old garden flower.

flower, gardening

White Admiral

The heatwave that lasted for more than a month is finally over. Now waiting for some rain to save the garden.

The long warm period caused some plants to get confused. The White Admiral (Phlox paniculata ‘White Admiral’) decided to start blooming a month earlier than normally.

The White Admiral is the one which starts the fall phlox blooming season. It will be interesting to see if the other phloxes got confused as well.



Usually you have Bilberries or you don’t. This year is a third year in a row when we have good crop. Cannot remember that happening before, two good years but never three.

Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) are also called European blueberries. Bilberry is a wild species, native to forests of Northern Europe and very hard to cultivate.

European blueberries have dark red, strongly fragrant flesh and red juice that turns blue. Compared to American blueberries that have white or translucent, mildly fragrant flesh. The taste is also different, although it has similarities.

Cannot wait to bake a blueberry pie. It is one of my favorite pies.