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Garden Tree-mallow

Garden Tree-mallow (Lavatera thuringiaca) is one of the reliable bloomers.

It does well up here in the north but does need beanpoles when in full height.

When it is blooming it is good time to start collecting some seeds for the next spring. The aquilegia, lupine and poppy seeds are now ready to be harvested.

flower, gardening

Artic Fire

I sowed the Artic Fires (Dianthus deltoides ‘Arctic Fire’) last year and they are finally blooming.

It will be interesting to see weather they make it through the winter because the sports I moved them to is a bit challenging when it comes to overwintering.

For the safety’s sake I sowed some more for the coming spring. Just to be on the safe side.

flower, gardening

Baby Blue Eyes

The Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii) started blooming a bit later this year because of the cold spring.

Bees and butterflies love the flowers and during a sunny day there is a constant buzzing going on.

One of the most reliable annuals I grow and starts blooming early, usually around the midsummer up here in the north.



It is a good year for European blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus). Everywhere you go you see Bilberries or as we call them here, blueberries.

I have already picked up enough for six blueberry pies and have not been further from the cottage than 20 meters.

The harvest always varies from year to year but this year seems to be nearly perfect.

flower, gardening


Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) is blooming. The spring was cool and the flowers opened a bit later this year.

Each autumn I faithfully collect the seeds for the next year.

Not quite sure about the variety. It has been grown by us for more than 20 years. Anyway its suitable for our climate. Grows quickly during the long summer days and blooms early.