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The tulip season is now starting up here in the north. The warm weather has made the early varieties to open up their blooms.

Helmar (Tulipa ‘Helmar’) is one of the early bloomers I bought few years ago and it is still doing well.

I almost wish cooler days so that the blooming season would last longer, almost. But I guess in the end it I will manage to enjoy this warm and sunny weather we are having.

flower, gardening

Tuolumne Dog’s Tooth Violet

The Tuolumne Dog’s Tooth Violet (Erythronium tuolumnense) is one of the reliable spring bloomers I have. In a modest spot it has it just keeps on growing each spring.

I have tried to have it in the other places but without success this far. For some reason it just seems to like this unlikely spot.

After a busy week in the garden I just decided to have a day off tomorrow and rest. The week long holiday has gone quickly and soon it is time to head back to the office.

flower, gardening

Peaches and Cream

The warm days are now over up here in the north and a cold water front has arrived. Time to take it easy and listen the rain in the warmth of a fireplace.

Luckily I managed to do most of the things before the bad weather and the garden is now in decent condition. Though it will be very modest this year and I am going to stick with the varieties that are familiar to me and easy to tend.

Before the rain started I managed to capture photos of the blooming Peaches and Cream (Narcissus ‘Peaches and Cream’). It did well when it comes to wintering and is now at its best.

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Ice Follies

This year’s first thunderstorm came early and took me by surprise. Not that strong yet but cooled the air and gave some rain.

The past few days have been nice, warm and summer like. Perfect for gardening and all the spring activities. I sure have plenty to do even though decided to take it easy this year.

Managed to get a week off from work and now in the summer cottage. Seems that I am not the only one in a hurry to complete all the tasks. Most of the birds have already arrived and the nesting season has began. Just love to watch the hustle in the birdhouses.

The daffodil season is at its best. The Ice Follies (Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’) are blooming nicely and the variety has proven to be a good reliable choice.

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The spring has finally arrived. It has been a beautiful sunny week up here in the north and it feels good to have all this light and longer days after the winter.

The gardening stores are now opening their doors and since the day was made for spending time outdoors I took a long walk to one of them.

Since it should not be getting too cold during the nights anymore decided to by violets (viola). Even though we still are going to go below the freezing temperatures violets are able to make through them.

Just noticed that I have not posted anything to this blog for ages. Have been too busy working and in the end the gardening season up here is short, less than half a year long.

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Autumn Joy

Finally managed to spend a weekend in the summer cottage. We have already had the first frosts during the nights and it is time to prepare for the winter.

Not many flowers left but the Autumn Joy (Sedum spectabile ‘Autumn Joy’) is still blooming.

It is one of those plants that do not require any care and is at its best in the autumn.

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Prunotto (Lilium ‘Prunotto’) is the variety that has done best up here in the north for the past few years.

It is blooming beautifully and just love the bright red color it has.

The Scarlet Lily Beetle (Lilioceris lilii) has given me headaches during the past few years. Luckily I do not yet have it in the summer cottage but it has managed to destroy half of the lilies in my mom’s garden

A beautiful beetle but so hard to get rid of and very harmful for the lilies.

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I am getting more and more fond of Common Garden Verbenas (Verbena hortensis). They have so many colors available in the stores nowadays.

The flower is extremely drought tolerant and therefore very suitable for the summer cottage since I am not always there to water.

I planted this individual to the driest and sunniest spot and it still made it blooming beautifully.