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Cooler weather finally arrived with rains. Bringing strong winds that give hard times to the blooming Atoms.

The winds have been so hard that most of my dahlias are now gone.

This has not been a very good year for gardening but at least it has been warm and sunny.

flower, gardening

Garden Phlox

We are already enjoying the garden phloxes up here in the north.

My grandma always had garden phloxes blooming in her garden. Then we lost them for decades but luckily got some from a neighbor.

White ones are doing well and introduced a new color last year but it seems to be a late bloomer and for her to display the flowers we need to wait a bit longer.

flower, gardening

Snowdrop Windflower

The snowdrop windflowers started to bloom today. Like they all decided to open their flowers on the same day.

At first I was sure that they will not make it up here but then they started to spread and are now doing well.

Now they are just in one flower bead but my plan is to move some of them to new places to have them in several different locations.

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Cosmos 111

First cosmos flowers are starting to bloom. The ones I have gotten from my mom always go first. The others follow a month later in August.

I have been trying to find an early blooming variety with no luck. Simply because the summers are so short up here in the north.

This far I have not had any luck. My luck might change this year. A new variety is already making buds. We will see.

If I have no success then I just give up and continue with the one from mom. One variety is enough if it is a good one like I now have.

Cosmos 222


flower, gardening

Danish Flag

Danish Flag 1

Bought the seeds for this poppy simply because it looked a bit unusual. Turned out that it is a beautiful one and surprisingly easy to grow.

The combination of white and read is quite striking. Also the shape of the flower is not regular.

Have been waiting and waiting for it to start blooming and now hoping that the heavy showers don’t ruin it.

Well that was false hope. Two hours after the photo was taken a hailstorm struck and all the blooming Danish flags were gone. Luckily there are still some where the buds are not open so not all hope is lost.

Danish Flag 2