Giant Blue Hosta

Hostas are doing extremely well this year. I am a bit surprised because it has been dry. I guess the warmth suites them.

The Giant Blue Hosta is my favorite. Unfortunately do not have many good spots to grow them.

Trying a new variety by the lake this year. Hope it makes through the winter.

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This is the first time I have planted bloody geraniums and they seem to do well.

Elkes’ blooms are larger than I expected and they seem to do OK even in the wet spot I have put them.

Must buy other colors next year. This flower might be a perfect choice for the summer cottage.

flower, gardening

Yellow Queen

The Yellow Queen is blooming beautifully and it is my first yellow aquilegia. It has required many failed attempts and plenty of waiting to get here.

For aquilegias it has been a perfect start of a year. No heavy rains to ruin their flowers.

To be honest it has been extremely dry up here in the north. All the other plants look that they have been beaten by the sun and the lack of water.

According to the weather forecast it should rain today. Now I am just waiting and hoping.

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Million Bells

May was the warmest in living memory. Million bells have enjoyed the warmth and blooming beautifully.

After three cold summers I do not even care that it is too dry and everything needs constant watering.

Luckily I had two long weekends and was able to spend the time in the summer cottage swimming and sunbathing. And of course planting and tendering the garden.

Let’s see how the rest of the summer turns out to be. Now I just enjoy and spend my time outside.

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Snowdrop Windflower

The snowdrop windflowers started to bloom today. Like they all decided to open their flowers on the same day.

At first I was sure that they will not make it up here but then they started to spread and are now doing well.

Now they are just in one flower bead but my plan is to move some of them to new places to have them in several different locations.