flower, gardening


Cooler weather finally arrived with rains. Bringing strong winds that give hard times to the blooming Atoms.

The winds have been so hard that most of my dahlias are now gone.

This has not been a very good year for gardening but at least it has been warm and sunny.

flower, gardening

Synny Boy

It is Sunny Boy’s time to bloom. The blooms are a bit smaller than I expected but that is due to the long dry season we are having.

Thunder storms are now cooling the air and giving us incredible shows. Also bringing the much needed rains.

Autumn is now close and soon we will miss these warm and sunny days.

flower, gardening


Windsor is the last of the garden phloxes to bloom but goes well with the white ones.

Tried to find new colors from the garden shop I visited but the hot July has made all the saplings dry and shaggy. I guess I buy more in the spring.

This July was the hottest one ever recorded and I can see it from my plants. Not that pretty sight . Too much is too much.

Well I am enjoying the warmth. Laying in a hammock and knowing that the autumn is here soon.