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The first aquilegia just started to bloom. A bit earlier than normally.

I just love this variety. It is early and low with large blooms.

Unfortunately I have no idea what is the variety and from where did I got it. It might be from the seeds I got from the Northern Finland but not quite sure.

Anyway it sure is a beautiful one and seems to like it up here in the north.

flower, gardening

Flag Tulip

The tulips only lasted one week this year. Much too warm and dry for them. It has been so hot and nice up here in the north. Very unusual start for a summer.

Winter was quite hard for the flag tulips. Only few of them survived. Must order more in the autumn and renew the whole flower bed. Darwins on the other hand had a very good spring. Short but beautiful period of blooming.

Now back to the lake and for a swim. Just love days like this.

flower, gardening

Tete a Tete

It has been a beautiful day up here in the north. I am in the summer cottage and have been planting all day long.

Tete a Tetes have started to bloom and if it continues to be this warm other daffodils will follow soon.

Tete a Tetes are a bit too sensitive to cold and do not always make it up here. Luckily we had plenty of snow during the winter and it made all the difference.

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No signs of spring yet up here in the north. Days are getting longer and I am getting more and more impatient. Still two more months to go before you can plant something outside.

That does not seem to stop me from planting everything possible inside. Chilies have germinated and so have the coleus seeds. Yesterday found some herb seedlings and failed to resist the temptation. Hope that did not buy them too early. There is simply not enough daylight available yet.

A pot of crocuses found its way to my flat today. Usually do not buy them because the central heating makes them bloom in seconds. Now I am storing them between the window glasses where it is cooler. Hopefully not too cold, already managed to freeze to death a pot of daffodils.

Slowly running out off space inside. Planted some ornamental brassicas to day and now trying to figure out a where to put them and hoping for an early spring this year.