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Sandved (Dasiphora fruticosa ‘sandved’) is a new variety I bought this year.

It seems to be doing well and has been blooming several months.

It should be very hardy but time will tell. It would be nice addition to the flowerbed.

flower, gardening


The Elkes (Geranium sanguineum ‘Elke’) are doing fine. They made it through the winter and have been blooming the whole summer.

Bought few more to the new flowerbed I have been building to have some reliable bloomers in it.

Their flowers are a bit delicate when it comes to rain and wind but new ones emerge often so it is not a big problem.

flower, gardening

May Queen

It has been dry up here in the north. We have not gotten a good rain for a month now.

Sitting in a summer cottage and watching a thunderstorm going past but not close enough for any rain.

You can see the dryness from the plants. Lack of water makes them smaller and better suitable for the dry weather.

The May Queens are doing well though. They are perfectly suited for long dry periods and seem to enjoy the weather.