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Splendens (Dianthus deltoides ‘Splendens’) gave a spectacular show this year. It bloomed long and had huge amount of flowers.

Bought two pots last year just out of curiosity to see how would they do.

Never did I expect results this good. This year planted some more from seeds.

flower, gardening


Lilies are doing well this summer. I have several different varieties in full bloom.

For several years the Prunottos (Lilium ‘Prunotto’) have performed well and seem to be very suitable for this area.

I like the bright color they have and they also seem to be very easy when it comes to the soil requirements.

flower, gardening

Artic Fire

I sowed the Artic Fires (Dianthus deltoides ‘Arctic Fire’) last year and they are finally blooming.

It will be interesting to see weather they make it through the winter because the sports I moved them to is a bit challenging when it comes to overwintering.

For the safety’s sake I sowed some more for the coming spring. Just to be on the safe side.



It is a good year for European blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus). Everywhere you go you see Bilberries or as we call them here, blueberries.

I have already picked up enough for six blueberry pies and have not been further from the cottage than 20 meters.

The harvest always varies from year to year but this year seems to be nearly perfect.

flower, gardening

William Guiness

I usually grow my aquilegias from seed even though it takes two to three years from them to start blooming up here in the north.

With William Guiness (Aquilegia vulgaris ‘William Guiness’) I made an exception and bought a root ball.

The color of this aquilegia is very dark purple and it sort of needs a suitable background to stand out. The shape though is beautiful and stems tall.

flower, gardening

Bordeaux Barlow

Bordeaux Barlows (Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata ‘Bordeaux Barlow’) is blooming nicely this year. Must try to grow more Aquilegias from the Barlow series.

I have managed to spend two weeks on the summer cottage by the lake and the weather has been great.

I sometimes wonder how much joy and happiness can a small lake bring to your life.

My mother’s parents and her grandparents have a small farm by the lake. The farm is as modest as it can be. My great grandparents established it and my grandparents and now my parents live there. After retiring they decided to move to the farm and be here by the lake.

As a child I spend all my summers with my grandparents while my parents were working. A whole summer taking care of the cows with my gramma and I guess it was her and my other grandmother who thought me my love to grow plants.

I cannot think having a better childhood.

My grandparents from my father’s side have a summer cottage on the other side of the lake. All the grandparents and all the family around the lake made all the difference.