flower, gardening

Synny Boy

It is Sunny Boy’s time to bloom. The blooms are a bit smaller than I expected but that is due to the long dry season we are having.

Thunder storms are now cooling the air and giving us incredible shows. Also bringing the much needed rains.

Autumn is now close and soon we will miss these warm and sunny days.

flower, gardening

Yellow Queen

The Yellow Queen is blooming beautifully and it is my first yellow aquilegia. It has required many failed attempts and plenty of waiting to get here.

For aquilegias it has been a perfect start of a year. No heavy rains to ruin their flowers.

To be honest it has been extremely dry up here in the north. All the other plants look that they have been beaten by the sun and the lack of water.

According to the weather forecast it should rain today. Now I am just waiting and hoping.