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Teddy Bear

It has been awhile since I have written. Been traveling a bit and enjoying life.

Autumn is here though the days are still surprisingly warm and the water in the lake is still 20 degrees Celsius. Cannot remember a summer like this.

I was planning to have pictures about late blooming lilies, beautiful lobelias, tall sunflowers and colorful dahlias in my blog. Unfortunately we had a thunderstorm yesterday and it poured tons and tons of hails on us.

Now most of my flowerbeds look like salad bowls and do not have that many things to take photos of. Well luckily it is end of the season so I do not feel bad.

Two dwarf sunflowers made it through the storm so not everything was lost. The teddy bears are the ones that I always like to have in the garden because of their reliability and sweet appearance.

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Autumn has been beautiful. Sunny days and only few rainy ones. The nights are already cold but some of the flowers are still standing.

Spent the whole day outside enjoying the colors of October and planting bulbs for the spring. Hope they make it through the winter. Was not that successful last year and have selected hardier varieties this time.

The dwarf sungold sunflowers are blooming. Finally I would say. They made it but only barely.

Usually I have selected the teddy bear as the dwarf variety but could not find the seeds anywhere in the spring. The two varieties are very similar but teddy bear blooms a bit earlier and that makes all the difference up here in the north.

The nights are getting long and dark up here in which means that I have plenty of time to start planning for the next summer.



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Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone1

Twilight Zone sunflowers made it and finally started to bloom. This was the first summer I planted them.

A successful experiment even though part of them were lost to moles who seem to be numerous this year.

As a variety it is small and short. A tiny spectacle among larger sunflowers with a bit peculiar look.

Still have some seeds left for the next spring. Need to look for more different varieties to experiment with.

Twilight Zone2



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The lake is now free. Liberated from ice and ready for the spring.

The cats are happy. The fishing season has started and they are ready for the fresh fish.

I am thrilled. Finally I can start to plant and grow flowers. My pockets are full of seed packs and I am running around wildly.

The spring came early this year. I have never ever been able to plant anything at this time of the year. It still tries to snow a bit but I do not care.

Only the early Siberian squills are blooming but they are so beautiful and the first promise that others will soon follow.


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Teddy Bear

Teddy BearThe first frost will come any day now. It has not yet shown itself but you can feel it in the air. It will wipe out the flowers still standing and make us wait seven long months before it will be warm enough for the first spring flowers to bloom.

Our summers are short but full of light. Long days make everything grow fast. Like each day was their last and there would not be tomorrow.

Then comes the winter an endless feeling time period for a gardener. Nothing to do but wait and hope for an early spring.

On this sunny and beautiful autumn day I walked outside saying goodbyes to the few flowers still trying to bloom. Teddy Bear was still standing proudly. This year the summer was too cool for it. Barely it was able to open its flowers on time but there was not enough time for it to produce any seeds for the forthcoming spring.

Luckily I still have some left so I can enjoy its beauty next year as well.

PS. Teddy Bear is one of my favorites. Short but always creating an outstanding show for the audience.

Teddy Bear

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Ruby F1

Ruby F1Now that I have found the sunflowers again I wanted to try a new color. The ones I have cultivate earlier have always been yellow.

I ended up choosing a red variant called Ruby. The summer was cool so I did not expect much from my experiment but in the end it turned out that the Rubies did not mind. Enjoying the constant rains we had.

They grew to be strong and tall and even started to bloom late July which is early here in the north. My reliable Teddy Bears have not even started yet and it will be September before they start their show.

I think I will see red sunflowers next year as well! I was so happy with the results.

When the bud opens the color is red but it slowly fades to orange. They are beautiful to watch in the evening light which really highlights their colors.

PS. Bought my seeds from Stockmann and each seed germinated.

Ruby F1