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Olympia is always the first aquilegia to bloom and it sure is a beauty.

The blooms are large and bright though the plant itself is low and modest.

Must plant more of these to the garden.

flower, gardening

Bordeaux Barlow

I have tried and tried to grow Barlow series columbines but with modest luck.

I guess the winters up here are a bit too much for the Barlows.

Currently I just have one Bordeaux Barlow blooming. Well it is a good thing that there are so many columbine varieties available and many more to test and try.

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Yellow Queen

The Yellow Queen is blooming beautifully and it is my first yellow aquilegia. It has required many failed attempts and plenty of waiting to get here.

For aquilegias it has been a perfect start of a year. No heavy rains to ruin their flowers.

To be honest it has been extremely dry up here in the north. All the other plants look that they have been beaten by the sun and the lack of water.

According to the weather forecast it should rain today. Now I am just waiting and hoping.

flower, gardening


The first aquilegia just started to bloom. A bit earlier than normally.

I just love this variety. It is early and low with large blooms.

Unfortunately I have no idea what is the variety and from where did I got it. It might be from the seeds I got from the Northern Finland but not quite sure.

Anyway it sure is a beautiful one and seems to like it up here in the north.

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Many and plenty! For some reason aquilegias have always been one of my favorites. Cannot have enough of them.

This year I have managed to have five more varieties to bloom and I am happy. After several trials even Nora Barlow has started to bloom for the first time.

The challenge is that I have planted so many varieties that I am not quite sure what do I have.

Well the main thing is that they look beautiful.



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I do not know why but I have always loved columbines. I used to have only one pink variety which my grandmother had had for many years. I started to calculate that the variety must have been here more than seventy years.

As a child I used to like collecting the aquilegia seeds. That must have started my enthusiasm for columbines.

Currently I have several different colors and shapes growing. Not as many as I would like to have but I guess there is no limit to my greed.

All of them have been grown from a seed. Up here in the north it always takes at least two years to see the first blooms. Well, I guess waiting just makes it more worth while.



flower, gardening



The lake is now free. Liberated from ice and ready for the spring.

The cats are happy. The fishing season has started and they are ready for the fresh fish.

I am thrilled. Finally I can start to plant and grow flowers. My pockets are full of seed packs and I am running around wildly.

The spring came early this year. I have never ever been able to plant anything at this time of the year. It still tries to snow a bit but I do not care.

Only the early Siberian squills are blooming but they are so beautiful and the first promise that others will soon follow.