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After several beautiful days the winter decided to come back. The temperature is below the freezing point and we got some snow during the night.

Stonecrops are doing fine though. Even with the low temperatures they have managed to start the season.

Stonecrops are one of those plants which look interesting the whole summer. Light green during the spring and red long lasting blooms during the autumn.

flower, gardening


It has been sunny and blue skies for several days up here in the north. We even went over 20 Celsius degrees which is warm for this time of the year.

I cannot even remember when I have had a begonia in my balcony. Just love the shiny colors that have been bred so bright during the years.

When I saw this one simply needed to have it. Hope that I didn’t buy it too early. There still will be cold nights ahead and cannot even remember how cold tolerant begonias are.

flower, gardening


Cosmos 111

First cosmos flowers are starting to bloom. The ones I have gotten from my mom always go first. The others follow a month later in August.

I have been trying to find an early blooming variety with no luck. Simply because the summers are so short up here in the north.

This far I have not had any luck. My luck might change this year. A new variety is already making buds. We will see.

If I have no success then I just give up and continue with the one from mom. One variety is enough if it is a good one like I now have.

Cosmos 222