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Enjoying the long Easter weekend and the beautiful weather we have. Days are now bright and full of light because of the snow cover and increasing day light time.

Have had time to take long walks and see friends. To cook good food and enjoy peaceful dinners.

Inside the Easter flowers are blooming. Daffodils are my favorites during this time of the year. Still more than a month before we can see any of them outside.

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No signs of spring yet up here in the north. Days are getting longer and I am getting more and more impatient. Still two more months to go before you can plant something outside.

That does not seem to stop me from planting everything possible inside. Chilies have germinated and so have the coleus seeds. Yesterday found some herb seedlings and failed to resist the temptation. Hope that did not buy them too early. There is simply not enough daylight available yet.

A pot of crocuses found its way to my flat today. Usually do not buy them because the central heating makes them bloom in seconds. Now I am storing them between the window glasses where it is cooler. Hopefully not too cold, already managed to freeze to death a pot of daffodils.

Slowly running out off space inside. Planted some ornamental brassicas to day and now trying to figure out a where to put them and hoping for an early spring this year.


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Amazing Parrot

Amazing Parrot

The slowest ones of the tulips have made as well. Due to the cold weather the blooming season for the tulips has been exceptionally long this year. Normally the tulips are long gone by this time of the summer.

Cool and whimsical weather just seems to continue. Today we have had beautiful sunshine, thunder, rain, hails and temperature is only 12 degrees Celsius.

Luckily the tulips survived the hails. Amazing Parrot is a new variety for me and it made through the winter well. All bulbs bloomed which is quite unusual up here.

Amazing Parrot2


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Flag tulips are doing well up here in the north. Planted a mix of them in the autumn and they seem to enjoy the shady place under an old apple tree.

Must buy more of them in the autumn to make sure that we can enjoy them in the fourth coming spring.

We are a bit behind the usual summer schedule this year. Tulips usually bloom two weeks earlier and typically they are already gone by the mid-summer.

Well it has been cold and dry spring. Not an ideal one for the garden. Many of the plants were take by the frost but at least some are doing well.



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Tuolumne Dog’s Tooth Violet


Erythronium tuolumnense is known by the common name Tuolumne dog’s tooth violet. Originally from California Sierra Nevada from the Tuolumne County. Not a native plant to this continent.

I bought the bulb several years ago and ever since it has bloomed every spring. Tried to plant three more last autumn but failed. None of them made it through the winter. Better luck next year. Have to have more of them.

We are still waiting for the tulips. The first ones should start to bloom next week if we are lucky.

The spring has been cold and try. No rain during May. Not a single drop. Coldness and dryness have slowed down the plants and it seems that this will be one of those summers where there will be plenty of challenges for gardeners.




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The spring is nearly here! Two more months and you can actually do things in the garden!

To manage the excruciating wait I have been visiting shops to ease my pain. On one of those trips I bought a narcissus which turned out to be a beautiful choice.

My challenge was that it is too worm inside and still too cold outside for narcissus. I needed to figure out a place in between. I ended up squeezing the flower between the window glasses and to my big surprise it worked!

The narcissus has been blooming two weeks and it even seems to enjoy the place. Must go and shop for some moreā€¦