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Some of the daffodils are still blooming. Most are already gone but not all.

They did give a good show this year and I am happy that I have managed to find so many different varieties over the years.

Daffodils are very easy to grow requiring almost nothing special. Just good soil and enough water and they will bloom each year.

flower, gardening

Design Impression

Darwin tulips are at their best. Design Impression is a variety I have not tried before but seems to be a very nice one.

The spring has been a good one for the tulips up here in the north – not to dry and not too warm.

After several sunny and beautiful days we are going to have few rainy ones. A bit pity because I still have plenty of things to do in the garden.



Have planted several dahlias again this year but it will take months before they start to bloom.

When on a Sunday walk happened to notice a cute little dahlia decided to have one in my balcony.

Just loved the color and the small size of the plant. The problem I always face with the dahlias I buy is that they tend to stop blooming at some point.

This time decided to try to fertilize the pot well and see if that would solve the issue. Time will tell.

flower, gardening


It has been a beautiful day up here in the north. The daffodils are starting to bloom and Tete-a-tetes are the first ones.

The others will follow soon and the buds are nearly ready to open. Though, there will be a change in the weather and we are expecting to have very cold days ahead with some snowfall.

Luckily daffodils are very hardy and cold weather just makes them bloom longer. I on the other hand am running around the garden trying to get as many things as possible done before the bad weather.