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Ball’s Orange

I just love the orange color Marigolds (Calendula officinalis ‘Ball’s orange) have. It is so bright and striking.

It always surprises me how much water they need to grow well. The summer here has been dry and some of my Marigolds are still dwarfs and not blooming.

Well I guess I just enjoy the ones that made it.


Mango Tango

I so like the Mango Tango (Dasiphora fruticosa). It is has just the color and size I want to my flowerbed.

Planted two last year to the raised flowerbeds but those are not doing that well.

Now I bought few more and try a different spot. Let’s see how these will look after the winter.

flower, gardening

California Poppy

California Poppy1

A newcomer to my flowerbed. I am surprised how easy it was to grow and even though the summer has been cold the flowers are doing well. I guess the name just suggested that it is for a warmer climate.

They do though seem to have an ability to predict the weather. If it is going to be cold or rainy the flowers close themselves a way ahead. It is always good to have a weather station of your own.

I already ordered two new colors for the next year. If everything goes well I will have white and red ones to accompany the orange.

Now I am just waiting my other new experiments to bloom.

Califormia Poppy2


flower, gardening

Siberian Poppy

Siberian Poppy

Why orange? Siberian poppy comes in many colors – white, yellow, red. But for some reason only the orange ones are able to make it through the winter.

Do not know why but now all the ones I have are orange. Only in the autumn the colors are many due to the seeds I have added in the spring.

This year I have added many other poppy varieties. Hopefully those will bloom in the autumn. Just have to wait and see.

Siberian Poppy2