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Red Chief

This is the first year I have red California Poppies growing. Only have had the orange color before.

I was a bit surprised that they turn more to orange when blooming longer. For some reason I was expecting them to stay red. You learn new things every day.

Well, I like them anyway. The color is so strong and vigorous.

flower, gardening

California Poppy

California Poppy1

A newcomer to my flowerbed. I am surprised how easy it was to grow and even though the summer has been cold the flowers are doing well. I guess the name just suggested that it is for a warmer climate.

They do though seem to have an ability to predict the weather. If it is going to be cold or rainy the flowers close themselves a way ahead. It is always good to have a weather station of your own.

I already ordered two new colors for the next year. If everything goes well I will have white and red ones to accompany the orange.

Now I am just waiting my other new experiments to bloom.

Califormia Poppy2