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The first pansies found their way to my balcony. Once I saw them could not wait any longer.

It is still too cold for them during the nights. I guess that I will be taking them inside each evening.

The challenge is starting to be that I already have too many pots inside waiting for the days to get warmer.

flower, gardening


Spring has finally arrived! We have had many sunny days and snow is starting to melt away. Nothing is growing outside yet but not that long wait anymore.

Managed to spent a long weekend in the Netherlands and visit Keukenhof. Spent few hours in the garden and returned back home my bags full of bulbs.

Bought yet another daffodil, Accent, to brighten my day.

flower, gardening


Enjoying the long Easter weekend and the beautiful weather we have. Days are now bright and full of light because of the snow cover and increasing day light time.

Have had time to take long walks and see friends. To cook good food and enjoy peaceful dinners.

Inside the Easter flowers are blooming. Daffodils are my favorites during this time of the year. Still more than a month before we can see any of them outside.

flower, gardening



No signs of spring yet up here in the north. Days are getting longer and I am getting more and more impatient. Still two more months to go before you can plant something outside.

That does not seem to stop me from planting everything possible inside. Chilies have germinated and so have the coleus seeds. Yesterday found some herb seedlings and failed to resist the temptation. Hope that did not buy them too early. There is simply not enough daylight available yet.

A pot of crocuses found its way to my flat today. Usually do not buy them because the central heating makes them bloom in seconds. Now I am storing them between the window glasses where it is cooler. Hopefully not too cold, already managed to freeze to death a pot of daffodils.

Slowly running out off space inside. Planted some ornamental brassicas to day and now trying to figure out a where to put them and hoping for an early spring this year.


flower, gardening


Cosmos 111

First cosmos flowers are starting to bloom. The ones I have gotten from my mom always go first. The others follow a month later in August.

I have been trying to find an early blooming variety with no luck. Simply because the summers are so short up here in the north.

This far I have not had any luck. My luck might change this year. A new variety is already making buds. We will see.

If I have no success then I just give up and continue with the one from mom. One variety is enough if it is a good one like I now have.

Cosmos 222