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I have been swimming and swimming in the lake. The heat wave just continues and causes all the flowers to bloom at the same time.

Velouette is a cosmos variety that I have not tried before. The colors have impressed me.

Now back to swimming before the thunderstorms hit us and make being in the water impossible.

flower, gardening


Cosmos 111

First cosmos flowers are starting to bloom. The ones I have gotten from my mom always go first. The others follow a month later in August.

I have been trying to find an early blooming variety with no luck. Simply because the summers are so short up here in the north.

This far I have not had any luck. My luck might change this year. A new variety is already making buds. We will see.

If I have no success then I just give up and continue with the one from mom. One variety is enough if it is a good one like I now have.

Cosmos 222


flower, gardening



My first Xanthos started to bloom today. A new cosmos variety I have tried for the first time and I think it just became a longtime acquaintance.

Yellow is a totally new color to me when it comes to cosmos.

This year seems to be dedicated to annuals. I lost so many perennials last winter and had to quickly replace the empty spaces with something. Luckily had tons of cosmos seeds available to hide the damages.



flower, gardening



The lake is now free. Liberated from ice and ready for the spring.

The cats are happy. The fishing season has started and they are ready for the fresh fish.

I am thrilled. Finally I can start to plant and grow flowers. My pockets are full of seed packs and I am running around wildly.

The spring came early this year. I have never ever been able to plant anything at this time of the year. It still tries to snow a bit but I do not care.

Only the early Siberian squills are blooming but they are so beautiful and the first promise that others will soon follow.