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Teddy Bear

Teddy BearThe first frost will come any day now. It has not yet shown itself but you can feel it in the air. It will wipe out the flowers still standing and make us wait seven long months before it will be warm enough for the first spring flowers to bloom.

Our summers are short but full of light. Long days make everything grow fast. Like each day was their last and there would not be tomorrow.

Then comes the winter an endless feeling time period for a gardener. Nothing to do but wait and hope for an early spring.

On this sunny and beautiful autumn day I walked outside saying goodbyes to the few flowers still trying to bloom. Teddy Bear was still standing proudly. This year the summer was too cool for it. Barely it was able to open its flowers on time but there was not enough time for it to produce any seeds for the forthcoming spring.

Luckily I still have some left so I can enjoy its beauty next year as well.

PS. Teddy Bear is one of my favorites. Short but always creating an outstanding show for the audience.

Teddy Bear


California Wonder

California WonderLast winter I started early. I was determined to grow peppers of my own. I had never tried that before.

I planted the seeds and watched them grow. The first flowers came and soon I had my first pepper growing. I decided to keep only one and gave the others to my friends.

Peppers are delegate creatures. They do not tolerate cold and when I moved the plant to my balcony for more light the end result was bruised leaves. Well, actually I never wanted to have a pepper in my bedroom but there it is. Safe from winds and getting all the attention it demands. Temperamental, as my plant really is, it only produces on pepper at the time. But the fruits are sweet and worth the effort.

PS. Peppers consume high amounts of water and require fertilizing. Large pot makes your life easier.