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Kiss Me

Kiss Me (NarcissusKiss Me’) is a beautiful light yellow daffodil.

It is getting warmer and during the nights we have stayed above the freezing point. All this means that the plants are waking up and trees starting to get their leaves.

Summer is finally arriving and hopefully it will be a beautiful one.

flower, gardening

Ice King

Daffodil Ice King (Narcissus ’Ice King’) just started to bloom and it is a very interesting one.

It is a new purchase I made few weeks ago. Actually never seen this variety before.

Daffodils are many and it seems that I just keep on buying more. This one goes to the summer cottage and hopefully it will bloom again next year.



It still is cold up here in the north. Last night we went down to -3 degrees Celsius and during the day we only have about 5 degrees.

I managed to come to the summer cottage for a long weekend. This is a good time for gardening though it is so cold that you end up spending half your time heating the cottage.

Tête-à-tête (Narcissus Tête-à-tête) is the first daffodil to bloom and the others have not yet started. It is a bit pity that during the winter we usually loose half of them because they are not the hardest ones.

flower, gardening

Wild Daffodil

We had few warm nights and it did wonders. Daffodils are starting to bloom and it is such a delight to walk outside.

Bought this daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) from Ikea more than a month ago but finally it decided to open its flowers.

Like the color it has. Such a bright colored variety.

flower, gardening


Bought one yellow for the Easter to start the season early.

Still few more months to go before the lilies (Lilium) start to bloom up here in the north.

When it has bloomed I will take it to the summer cottage and replant it. Not quite sure though that this variety can take the winter weather but will soon find out.

I bought few of them last year and planted. Few weeks from now I should see if they made it through the winter.