Mango Tango

I so like the Mango Tango (Dasiphora fruticosa). It is has just the color and size I want to my flowerbed.

Planted two last year to the raised flowerbeds but those are not doing that well.

Now I bought few more and try a different spot. Let’s see how these will look after the winter.

flower, gardening


Mallows are doing well this year. My mom has several blooming beautifully.

The mallow is quite easy to grow from seed and plants tend to grow several decades if they like the planting spot.

We only have the pink form of the flower but I think I will buy the white variety next year.

flower, gardening

Corn Marigold

After a cool start of July we are finally going to have a heatwave up here in the north. Luckily I have a week of from the office and able t enjoy it in the summer cottage.

The corn marigolds (Glepionis segetum) are at their best and I really like the yellow cloud they have formed.

Maybe next year I will plant them to a bigger area to allow them to give even better show.