October is here but I am harvesting strawberries. This is the first time I am able to taste the Alpine Strawberry Alexandria and are they sweet and tasty! The size of a berry is larger than the wild strawberries have but much smaller than in the cultivated varieties.

I have newer tried to grow strawberries from seed. Two years ago decided to give it a try expecting to fail miserably. To my big surprise the seeds germinated and grew well. I was sure that this variety would not make it through the winter up here in the north but it did it with flying colors.

The only thing it seems to be confused about is timing. Alexandria tried to bloom early in the spring but failed. Not sure if it was the cold weather we have had. Everything is about a month late this summer and farmers are going to loose most of the grain they have grown. Definitely not an ideal summer for gardening.

But when I think about this I would not mind having a late harvest. All the other strawberries are long gone and it is nice to have a taste of summer in your mouth when the days are getting darker and darker. Let’s see if Alexandria continues to be confused and lost or align with the others in the years to come.




Douce Provence


Time to harvest! Peas did well this year. Sawed the seeds already in April which is early up here. Normally peas are planted few weeks later.

I tried a new variety called Douce Provence and it did surprisingly well even though we had the coldest summer in twenty years. Spring was dry and cold and summer months cool and rainy.

The variety is not that sweet tough. I was expecting a bit sweeter peas.




Red Pigeon


The first hints of autumn are here. Ornamental brassicas are starting to display their colors.

The Red Pigeon is yet another newcomer to my garden. It has succeeded well and I like the colors it has.

If I am right it will tolerate the cold well and continue to grow two more months. Getting even brighter and larger. Standing out even better when nearly all the other plants are gone.

This far there has been no pests to ruin its leaves which has surprised me. I expected to loose some of them to hungry visitors. Must have more of them next year.




Vales Emerald

Vales Emerald1

A new variety I tried for the fist time this year. Everything started slowly. My original idea was to have new potatoes after the mid summer and now it is mid-August.

Planted the potatoes already late April but nothing happened for weeks. Spring was simply too cold.

The end result was good though. Beautiful white potatoes and the size of them is just right.

I might have found a new variety for me. Just need to see how well they will do in the storage and of course I need to taste them first. Cannot wait, must hurry to the kitchen.

Vales Emerald2





It sure has been a good year for rhododendrons up here in the north. Every plant is blooming. Have seen many wonderful pictures taken by many of my friends.

My father’s apple of his eye – a violet rhododendron which he cares with devotion is also does its best. Last year went without any blooms but this year is totally different.

It has been the only one he has had but in the spring I bought him a pink one. Now we just wait and see if that one makes it through the winter.



flower, gardening



Autumn has been beautiful. Sunny days and only few rainy ones. The nights are already cold but some of the flowers are still standing.

Spent the whole day outside enjoying the colors of October and planting bulbs for the spring. Hope they make it through the winter. Was not that successful last year and have selected hardier varieties this time.

The dwarf sungold sunflowers are blooming. Finally I would say. They made it but only barely.

Usually I have selected the teddy bear as the dwarf variety but could not find the seeds anywhere in the spring. The two varieties are very similar but teddy bear blooms a bit earlier and that makes all the difference up here in the north.

The nights are getting long and dark up here in which means that I have plenty of time to start planning for the next summer.