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Million Bells

May was the warmest in living memory. Million bells have enjoyed the warmth and blooming beautifully.

After three cold summers I do not even care that it is too dry and everything needs constant watering.

Luckily I had two long weekends and was able to spend the time in the summer cottage swimming and sunbathing. And of course planting and tendering the garden.

Let’s see how the rest of the summer turns out to be. Now I just enjoy and spend my time outside.

flower, gardening


Summer has arrived. Suddenly temperatures have risen and all the snow is gone. All that happened quickly this year.

I am starting to fill my balcony with flowers and aiming to spend a long weekend at the summer cottage.

Found this adorable dianthus when biking last weekend and simply needed to buy it to be able to enjoy it all summer long.

flower, gardening



It has been a cool and cold spring up here in the north. Now all the snow is finally gone and the lake is free of ice. The crocuses just started to bloom few days ago but we still have below zero nights.

Luckily that does not prevent me from buying flowers to the balcony. Was not able resist the temptation and bought few verbenas. Hope they make through the nights and survive the bite of cold they are going to face.

Have always admired the verbenas my mom have had. The flower can tolerate heat well and blooms the whole summer. Colors they have are bright and many and I might be able to enjoy the blooms next half of the year.

Now I just wait impatiently that I can plant more delegate flowers. Still few weeks to go for that.



flower, gardening






Spring is finally here! Not yet warm but all the snow is now gone. After a long period of darkness the days are getting longer and longer.
It is a bit early but first violets found their way to my balcony. Simply could not resist the temptation when saw them in the store. Had to have something blooming outside.
Cannot wait to get to the summer cottage and start planting. Hope that the winter has not collected too strong toll among the perennial flowers.


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Verdi Glory

Verdi Glory1

My Verdi Glory finally started to bloom in the balcony. It took from the dahlia three months to start the show but it has finally started.

This summer has not been a good one for dahlias. Just the opposite of the last summer that made all the dahlias thrive. At least all mine seem to suffer from various matters like heavy rain fall, mold and pests.

Well maybe next year will be better. Must have few dahlias growing.

Verdi Glory2


flower, gardening

Nano Pink

Nano Pink1

My geranium finally started to bloom! It took months from the flower to recover from the darkness of a long winter.

The poor thing looked pathetic in the spring – pale and dry.

I started it from a seed and managed to enjoy its beauty last summer. Nice thing about the nano series is that it remains quite small. So in the autumn I took it inside and to my big surprise it survived.

That usually does not happen to my geraniums. The flat is simply too hot and dry. Happy that this little thing made an exception.

Nano Pink2