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Garden Grape-hyacinth

Garden Grape-hyacinth

Impatiently waiting for the garden grape-hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) to open its blooms in my balcony. Wanted a blue one though was tempted by the white one as well.

My plan is to take it to the summer cottage after blooming and replant it. Not sure though when I am able to visit the summer cottage next time. Because of the movement restrictions in relation to the virus the grater capital area here is now isolated from the rest of the country.

I was not able to go to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday on Friday. A bit saddened about the fact but could not take the risk bringing a virus as a gift. Better to be safe than sorry.

Garden Grape-hyacinth


4 thoughts on “Garden Grape-hyacinth

  1. Shirley says:

    I’m sorry that you missed your Mom’s birthday. I missed my grandson’s first birthday yesterday (it broke my heart).
    The snow is almost all gone and starting to see life popping up in the beds.

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  2. My husband will be celebrating his birthday this Thursday without family in attendance. I thought this year would be memorable because of ‘2020.’ I never thought we’d work to survive a pandemic. History, I guess we’re making history, but I wish the story was more positive.

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