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Windsor is the last of the garden phloxes to bloom but goes well with the white ones.

Tried to find new colors from the garden shop I visited but the hot July has made all the saplings dry and shaggy. I guess I buy more in the spring.

This July was the hottest one ever recorded and I can see it from my plants. Not that pretty sight . Too much is too much.

Well I am enjoying the warmth. Laying in a hammock and knowing that the autumn is here soon.

flower, gardening

Garden Phlox

We are already enjoying the garden phloxes up here in the north.

My grandma always had garden phloxes blooming in her garden. Then we lost them for decades but luckily got some from a neighbor.

White ones are doing well and introduced a new color last year but it seems to be a late bloomer and for her to display the flowers we need to wait a bit longer.