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White Hyacinth


This is now becoming a habit – a spring hyacinth in a pot.

I used to have hyacinths only during the Christmas time. Here in the north it has always been considered a flower for the holiday season.

Now that they have become available also during the spring I always end up buying one.

I know that the strong scent of the flower is too much for most of the people but for some reason I enjoy it. It really fills the apartment with sweet smell of a spring.

Still nearly three more months to go before the first flowers outside start to bloom. I even planted few hyacinths to the summer cottage. Not quite sure if they are going to make it through the winter. Lower than minus 30 Celsius temperatures we had during January might have been too much for them.

PS. Keep hyacinth outside if it is not too cold. It lasts much longer if you do this.


flower, gardening


HyacinthPast few days have been stunningly beautiful in the north. Sun is shining and snow reflects the rays. Best time of the winter.
We still have two more months to go before the first spring flowers start to bloom. Cannot wait that long anymore.
So during my Sunday walk I ended up buying hyacinths. Just wanted to have something that reminds me of the forth coming spring.
And the scent is simply overwhelming even a bit too strong for some of us. But still so sweet and compelling.
PS. I bought my hyacinth from the nearby Ikea and it did not cost much.