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Flag Tulip

The tulips only lasted one week this year. Much too warm and dry for them. It has been so hot and nice up here in the north. Very unusual start for a summer.

Winter was quite hard for the flag tulips. Only few of them survived. Must order more in the autumn and renew the whole flower bed. Darwins on the other hand had a very good spring. Short but beautiful period of blooming.

Now back to the lake and for a swim. Just love days like this.

flower, gardening



Flag tulips are doing well up here in the north. Planted a mix of them in the autumn and they seem to enjoy the shady place under an old apple tree.

Must buy more of them in the autumn to make sure that we can enjoy them in the fourth coming spring.

We are a bit behind the usual summer schedule this year. Tulips usually bloom two weeks earlier and typically they are already gone by the mid-summer.

Well it has been cold and dry spring. Not an ideal one for the garden. Many of the plants were take by the frost but at least some are doing well.