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Nano Pink

Nano Pink1

My geranium finally started to bloom! It took months from the flower to recover from the darkness of a long winter.

The poor thing looked pathetic in the spring – pale and dry.

I started it from a seed and managed to enjoy its beauty last summer. Nice thing about the nano series is that it remains quite small. So in the autumn I took it inside and to my big surprise it survived.

That usually does not happen to my geraniums. The flat is simply too hot and dry. Happy that this little thing made an exception.

Nano Pink2


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Nano PinkMy Nano Pink pelargoniums finally stated to bloom!

I planted the seeds in November. I was so sure that blooming would start early in the summer. But was I wrong.

The summer here in the north has been coolest one during this century and this has delayed the plants. My geraniums have grown slowly like everything else this summer.

Pelargoniums tolerate cold well and that is why I moved the seedlings to the balcony in May which was too early. Cold slowed their growth.

But everything is now well and I can enjoy the bright pink blooms.

Nano is a very small geranium variety. My plants are only 6 inches tall which makes them perfect for my balcony.

PS. I bought the seeds from http://www.swallowtailgardenseeds.com and each one of them germinated.

Nano Pink


Nano Pink


The first snow arrived few days ago and it is dark and cold outside. It is a perfect time to start planning for the next spring. I want my geraniums to bloom early in the summer and this is a right time to start growing them.

There are so many varieties which makes it hard to choose. This time I ended up buying three different colors. The ones I ended up with were Maverick White, Maverick Scarlet and Nano Pink.

I have never grown these varieties before so I am excited to see what I end up having. At least the start has gone well. Germination was supposed to take two to three weeks but it only took three days which took me by surprise.

Geraniums are so easy and thankful flowers. The bloom all the time and tolerate heat and cold. It is the end of November and I still have one blooming in my balcony. It has survived the heat of the summer and first frost.

PS. I bought my seeds from Swallowtail Gardens and each seed germinated and have been happy with my purchase.