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This is the first summer that I have planted irises. I do not know why I have not tried them before. To my surprise I managed to keep them alive.

Well not exactly all of them made it. I planted some in the autumn and some in the spring. Unfortunately none of the ones I planted in the autumn made it through the winter. It seems that the varieties I used were not hardy enough.

Luckily the spring planting proved out to be successful. The blooms are beautiful.

I guess I just need to find varieties that tolerate cold winters.


flower, gardening



When it comes to irises there are incredible amount of different colors available and most of them are simply stunning.

Alida caught my eye in a local store and it ended up to my home. I simply could not resist those light blue flowers.

Now I am hunting for more. Trying to find different colors from the local shops. Currently have managed to find two.

PS. If you did not plant bulbs in the autumn now is a perfect time to buy them ready planted.



flower, gardening



Dreaming of an early spring. While dreaming I have managed to fill the apartment with different kinds of pots. To me it is starting to seem that each time I go to a store I come home with a new pot.

Pixie iris was one of the flowers that managed to sneak in to the flat. Almost unnoticed it settled in.

Never had one and If I succeed growing it I will take it to the summer cottage when the snow is gone.

PS. Most of the spring flowers can take our winter and planting them to a garden guarantees that you can enjoy them year after year.