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White Maverick

White MaverickSome of us are just tougher than the others and do not seem to care about the coolness.

Having a balcony high up seems to have its benefits. When you look down to the ground in the morning you can see the whiteness of the frost but it does not reach up to the balcony. If the frost manages to sneak higher it does not get as cold as on the ground level.

This usually gives the geraniums an additional month to bloom.

The Mavericks are still blooming and in this weather the blooms last long. The colors remain striking and it almost seems that the pelargoniums are having the time of their life.

With some luck they will make it to December. Incredibly resistant to the cold nights and low temperatures.

PS. Grew Nanos and Mavericks this year and it made me realize the huge difference between the different varieties of geranium. Nanos remained tiny and Mavericks filled the balcony with massive leafs. Both made beautiful flowers and did well in the pots they had.

White Maverick


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