Hungarian Yellow Wax

Hungarian Yellow WaxI was certain that I was going to harvest yellow chilies this year! But was I wrong in my belief.

I bought Hungarian Yellow Wax seeds two years ago. Last year every thing went well. The plants grew nicely and I ended having tasty red chilies in the autumn.

Not exactly what I expected to end up with but just thought that silly me. Must have taken the seeds from a wrong package.

This year everything went well. The chilies grew green and were turning yellow when I left for a vacation.

When returning I had a plant full of red chilies waiting for me at home. This time I was sure that I had taken the correct seeds. I was about to blame the store from which I bought the seeds.

PS. After a short moment with Google I found out that Hungarian Yellow Wax chili peppers turn red when ripe.

Hungarian Yellow Wax


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