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Sonata Pink Blush

Sonata Pink BlushI have always admired my mom’s cosmos flowers. She plants the seeds in the spring and collects them in the autumn. The seeds are originally from her dear old friend.

Her cosmos grows quickly and blooms heavily with many different colors. The variety is quick to grow and is used to the short summers we have.

This year I wanted to try a different and a bit shorter variety of cosmos. So I picked a dwarf variety of cosmos called Sonata Pink Blush.

I have to admit that it is no match to my mom’s. For Sonata series our summer is a bit too short. The blooming starts mid-August which too late for my taste. Compared to my mom’s cosmos which starts to bloom already in July.

Though Pink Blush is beautiful. Green with glorious pink flowers. I guess it would just need a warmer summer.

PS. Bough the seeds from http://www.swallowtailgardenseeds.com and was happy with the quality and the delivery.

Sonata Pink Blush


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