There are still many things to do before the winter arrives. One of the matters is to find suitable spring flowers for the next year. Options are many and it is hard not to buy everything possible.

I wondered around in a shop and saw what I was looking for. Shelves after shelves of bulbs waiting for planting. I knew what I wanted. I went directly to the crocuses. I wanted something that blooms early right after the snow is gone. Something colorful to wipe away all the whiteness.

Crocuses are reliable. You can always count on them. Usually the blooms only last few days but on those days you appreciate all the bright colors. After few weeks you forget your early friends as other plants conquer the garden hiding the tiny crocus leaves. But you remember your forgotten friends again next year when they are there delighting your spring.

I admit that when I returned home and went online I bought few other bulbs. Just to be sure that I have enough things to wait for.

PS. I bought my crocuses from Stockmann. They usually have good offers for their regular customers.


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