Vales Emerald

Autumn is here and it is time for harvesting.

The potatoes did exceptionally well this year. Cannot even remember when was the previous year like this.

The past few years I have been growing Vales Emerald (Solanum tuberosum ‘Vales Emerald’) just to see how would it do up here in the north.

It grows well and the potatoes are of good size and beautiful. Unfortunately the crop is only one third what it should be.

In other words I will try something different next year and grow a new variety.



One of the great benefits of living up here in the north is that you can just go to your backyard and start picking wild blueberries.

Spending some time in the summer cottage and relaxing by harvesting berries.

Just cannot wait to bake a blueberry pie. One of my favorites. Must fill my fridge with the berries.


Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn1

My mom got interested in sea buckthorn berries because of the vitamins they have.

Three years ago I bought her four saplings – one male and three ladies. Two of the plants made it but I was not able to tell if the boy was still alive.

Sea buckthorn is so called dioecious plant which means that it has male and female plants. You need both to be able to get the berries. The lady bears the berries and the lad – well just hangs around.

This year we were able to harvest which means that we have a happy couple.

Because of the thorns picking the berries was not a joyride. My hands are still tender and achy but got the berries from the spiky lady.

Sea Buckthorn2