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Ice Poppy

Ice Poppy

I wanted color to the garden and bought some ice poppies (papaver croceum) to the garden last summer. Colors they have are bright and clear as so many poppies have.

What I was surprised about was that they flowered through the whole summer. They even started before aquilegias and were still blooming in September. A nice surprise since I am used to the fact that poppies only bloom for a short while.

Half of them made it through the winter and this year I bought seeds to ensure that I have a bit more of them around next year.

I bought the original ones as plants and not sure if I am able to grow them successfully from seeds. After I planted my mother’s cat decided to help and after his doings I am not quite sure where the seeds ended up. Well I guess we will see that in the next few weeks.

PS. Bought the plants from http://www.viherpeukalot.fi, just fell in love with the picture they had on their website.

Ice Poppy


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