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VioletFinally it begins to be warm enough in the north so you can run to a florist an buy the first violets. Something colorful to your balcony which can manage the cold nights and unpredictable weather. The days are now longer and active part of the year has started.

And I sure have waited for this!

Violets come in various colors and usually arrive to the shops early in the spring shortly followed by pansies. Usually have both in my balcony to have something blooming in the beginning of the season.

Sadly violets only last until the end of July even if I cut them short. The balcony simply becomes too hot for them to make it longer. Luckily by that time the other flowers have begun their show.

Now I just need to wait and see which of the plants have made it through the winter. It sure has been a mild and warm one here in the northern Europe. A second one in the row. Bet that the forthcoming will be a cold and cruel.

PS. Bought the violets from a florist nearby simply because of the quality.



3 thoughts on “Violet

  1. Laurin Lindsey says:

    I love violets and pansies! Here we plant our pansies in the annual bed in November and they last till May. What a differences a zone makes. I am sure you are so happy to be done with winter. Here I am sad to see winter end because that makes us so much closer to summer. This year we have had lots of rain and spring is so lovely I am happy it is not winter….and at least summer will be very green. Happy Spring!!!

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