TerrariumI simply could not resist the temptation. I had to try to construct one. In Pinterest I had seen so many wonderful creations and since it is winter time I cannot grow anything outside.
When walking in a store I noticed a glass jar. It was large enough and the shape was something I had been looking for.

It was a bit challenging to decide what to plant. I wanted to grow something from a seed. Something that would not over grow the jar immediately. Coleus came to my mind and I found some seeds from my stock.  Unfortunately I was out of the dwarf variety seeds and had to go with the medium size breed. Hope that was a good decision.

I am afraid that this might turn to an addiction. Already looking for the next jar and planning to grow something that requires a humid atmosphere. I have not been able to try varieties which require much moisture because of the merciless central heating.

PS. I prefer jars that have cover because they seldom need watering and do not collect dust inside. Outside is always easy to clean but inside much more challenging.



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