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OrchidI do not know why I keep on buying them. I enjoy their beauty only few months and then they are gone. But what flowers and colors they have.

I have never managed to keep an orchid alive after it has bloomed. I guess the central heating and lack of light is just too much for them.

Terrarium might work and if I find a suitable one I might try to keep one alive. Luckily orchids are available all year round and usually there is one in my kitchen table to brighten the day.

PS. There is Ikea close by my flat. Their orchid price is typically less than five euros. So it is a nice Sunday walk to get a new one while I try to figure out how to stop killing them.



5 thoughts on “Orchid

  1. Orchids do bring a nice splash of color in the wintertime, and they last such a nice long time. I’ve had some success keeping two phalaenopsis orchids alive–they are getting ready to bloom for their third consecutive year. This is what I do: While they are blooming, I keep them in a bright spot with no direct sun, and water them once a week or so. After all the blooms fall off, I trim the empty flower stem off and set the plants outside for the summer, again away from direct sun. Before the frost, I bring them inside and put them in a bathroom that gets a lot of natural bright light, but stays generally cool. They like the high humidity in there. I water them once every 10 days, pouring a little water into the pot from the top, but mostly by completely filling a saucer underneath them and letting the clay pot soak up the water. After an hour or two, I empty the saucers. Once I see a flower stem forming, I add orchid fertilizer to the water. It takes a very long time from the time you see the flower stalk beginning to grow until the flowers open–two or three months, but it is worth it because the flowers tend to last a couple of months.

    Of course, if you can get them so inexpensively, I say it’s worth just buying new ones every so often and not fussing and worrying over them all year long! That way, too, you can get different varieties and colors to enjoy.


  2. I’ve had beginners luck with my orchid collection – haven’t lost one yet! I think the secrets might be a weekly watering (in the sink to completely drain), specific orchid medium (not soil), and clay pots. Again, I just happened to hit it off with this combo by luck!


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