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Christmas Cactus


A single bloom and I am thrilled! Usually my Christmas cactus is full of flowers at this time of the year.

Unfortunately last spring my ten-year-old friend started to die and eventually perished. Luckily I managed to take some cuttings just on time.

Now I have two new cacti growing and doing well.

Now my plan is to find an Easter cactus to accompany them. Just learned a trick to tell them apart. It is the shape of the leaf that tells you when you can expect to see the flowers. Never have realized that before.



flower, gardening



It is cold and dark outside. A perfect time to grow Christmas flowers inside while waiting for the spring.

Popov started to bloom and brightens my day. Like the colors it has.

Do not know why but I am becoming fonder of amaryllis each passing year. I guess it simply is that they are big and bold flowers blooming when it is dark and hard to grow anything else.

Must go and buy some more. Cannot have enough amaryllises in the flat.