Soon the gardeners will face the toughest time of the year. Snow will cover the ground and several months of inactiveness lays ahead. For some of us it is a blessing and a time to rest. Unfortunately for me the winter is simply too long.

First months go quite well. I spent time with the gardening magazines dreaming and planning. Ordering seeds for the spring – always too many in my greediness. Luckily tablets have opened a whole new world to me. We do not have that many gardening magazines but now I have found the ones in the other northern countries – different and interesting. I have fallen in love with a magazine called Garden Making.

Then I get restless and uneasy. Reading is not enough. I simply need to grow something. Last winter I found a solution and bought a grow light for plants. What a delight! But what to grow that was a problem. Coleus came in to my mind. So this year I have been able to enjoy several different coleus varieties grown from the tiny seeds. I think I will continue my trial this year and try few new colors.

PS. I use Zinio for ordering my magazines. It has worked well and been easy to use.


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